ON THE WEEKEND I BOUGHT a beautiful coat lined with red teddy bear fabric, it's blue corduroy and is all "little miss red riding hood" i has a hood!

Went to newtown with grandma that's where I found the coat, we went  all the way up king street (well only half actually)

do you know the button store/

well thats where  we got to...
some fabulous shops unfortunatley button store closed:(

VERY upse


science project due tomorrow. not finished.


Yesterday I bought 2 lovely fabrics off etsy, one was alice in wonderland inspired the other featured dear little apples and random letters. After being rather inspired by the apple fabric I grabbed a vintage pattern I'd bought from an antique store and thought how nice the fabric would suit so I am going to make a loveley linen winter dress!


this is my favourite song at the moment by Kate Miller Heidke- An amazing Australian singer!!!!!

First Post! 02/14/2009

welcome to this little blog,

first let me give you my profile:
favourite colour: purple
favourite artist/s: Hiromi Sato
                            Del Kathryn Barton
magazine:frankie- a great little magazine with lots of funny quirky prettiness (suitable for anyone from a 13 year old to a middle age woman looking for something a bit different.
                artworld-an australian art maagzine reveiwing all the best new and old artists
hobbies: yes I am a bit nerdy and super arty. I love sewing, drawing, painting interior and fashion designing, creating dress patterns.

One of my favourite Hiromi Sato artworks; check it out at www.white-eggs.com! click here