Things I make by order

I have many scarfs and singlets for sale but I am quite happy to make singlets or scarfs to order.
Simply E-mail me with your size, the colour you'd like and style (ballet slipper or cupcake) you would like and I shall make it!!!!!
I also have a few products, which I can make to your specifications.

  Here is a list of a few things you can get by order:

-Tutus; I can make nice tutus and I have a few photos of one I made. They are like a classic tutu but with a bubble hem for a modern twist. Tuille is expensive so these will cost around $50.

-Handmade notebooks; These are gorgeaus little books filled with brown paper, scraps of fabric and pages I've ripped out of "Alice in Wonderland" as well as old recipes and the prettiest papers. $25

-Pencil cases; according to the dimensions these plastic covered custom made pencil cases are a great way to get the exact thing and size you want. $15-$30

-Ballet slipper bags; for all those aspiring ballerinas I find it important to have somewhere to keep your ballet shoes between lessons. A pretty drawstring bag in ballet fabric with my signature ballet slippers sewn on them is simply perfect! $15

-Fabric envelopes; These are adorable to keep your work notes in or send to somebody for a very special present sealed with a button. These are a rather loveley occurings especially at only $10! (fits A4 bits of paper)

-Singlets; You can buy these without placing an order but I can also make them to any size and colour specifications just in case you need something extra or different. $15

-Scarves; There are already some for sale but If you want a specified coloured netting or length for that special effect please order one! $15

If there is anything else you would like me to make for you PLEASE ask as all enquiries are welcome!!! I can try to make anything you want so feel free!!! Simply fill in the form below!!!!

Click on the pink links above for additional information on each item and photos of previously made products

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