welcome to this little blog,

first let me give you my profile:
favourite colour: purple
favourite artist/s: Hiromi Sato
                            Del Kathryn Barton
magazine:frankie- a great little magazine with lots of funny quirky prettiness (suitable for anyone from a 13 year old to a middle age woman looking for something a bit different.
                artworld-an australian art maagzine reveiwing all the best new and old artists
hobbies: yes I am a bit nerdy and super arty. I love sewing, drawing, painting interior and fashion designing, creating dress patterns.

One of my favourite Hiromi Sato artworks; check it out at www.white-eggs.com! click here



03/03/2009 22:18

i luv ur stuff ill do anything to get my hands on one of those totaly cute scarfs!!!!!!

03/12/2009 03:51

Niah, this is the kind of stuff that my mum sells in hershop! you should drop by and see what you think. It's called 'Reclaim' and is located in Summerhill, lackey street. Drop by on a wednesday, it could be worthwhile!


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